Beverly Reiser-Palmer-Kleiber received a BA at Immaculate Heart College. studying under Corita Kent. She received an MA in Art Education at San Francisco State University and California Institute of Intregal Studies.  During this time she developed a commitment to the gestural movement of Chinese brush painting under Shiou Jang Hsieh and Tseng Ta-yu. These studies continued to influence her later work.

Her computer/video installations have been shown in art galleries and museums in San Francisco, Frankfurt, Buenos Ares, Amsterdam, Montreal, Tokyo, and New York.

 “Come, human, spin in my web!”, an interactive computer video installation, was a ride thru an A.I.’s persona. An A.I. sends an invitation out to Humans to visit the “web”. If they take up the invite, they adventure into either the “Cerebral Cathedral” or the  ”Feral Forest”. Eventually they arrive at one of four possible endings having altered their own “data structure” or the environment.

 A book titled Art in the Electronic Age by scholar Frank Popper included her work.  A  newspaper for the electronics industry, Microtimes , listed her as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the Computer Industry in 1995.

          Professional Organizations

For 14 years, she was president of Ylem/ Artists Using Science and Technology,  It was an artists' grass roots organization with a newsletter, forums, a yearly artists directory, and ongoing program of art shows.

She founded and directed Art on the Edgethe first art gallery on the world wide web

For 5 years, she was on the Advisory Board of the International Society of Arts, Science and Technology which publishes the journal Leonardo.

 Beverly was on the External Advisory Panel to the Xerox PARC Artist-in Residence Program in 1993.

She was commissioned to create an installation titled What do you Desire ? by the  Burning Man Festival.

 Interactive Communities was one of the  SIGGRAPH Conference Art shows ( Los Angeles, 1995) she participated in along with SIGGRAPH Art Show 92 in Chicago and '91 in Las Vegas ,

Jupiter and the Comets, was a program/event produced by the Center for Extreme Ultraviolet Astrophysics, UC Berkeley, in 1994 that Beverly helped organize. She  curated a show called Interactive Art for this same institute.

She produced "The Ubiquitous Art Zone", part of the ACM’s Multimedia ’94 Conference, in San Francisco, Ca, 


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