Beverly's interest in Chinese and Japanese Literature including Zen koans led her to attempt to illustrate them using pastels on paper. Koans are paradoxical statements used to unravel poetic truths. She develops images to illustrate these insights.


Heron cry stabs the darkness.


In the Spring beyond Time the Withered

Tree Flowers.

Yellow nightingales

Perching in a Tree.

A Flower Decked Bough.

Who can Leap the World's ties and Sit with Me among the Clouds ?

Gary Snyder translating  Han shan

How does the Mountain Finch know the Wild Swan's Aspiring ?

What is Life?

It is the Flash of a Firefly

in the Night.


The Swaying Bamboos 

Keep Resonating.


The Toll of a Sudden Bell

The World ? Moonlit Drops Shaken from a Cranes Bill.


The Morning Glory!

It has taken the Well Bucket and I must Look Elsewhere for Water.


Slowly Consumed like Fire

Down a candle.

On and on the rain will fall
Like tears from a star
On and on the rain will say
How fragile we are.

Lyrics by Sting

Efemeral Inferences

Words from a book by Dainis Hazner