Birds of Prey

This year I’m using images of the Raven and Osprey as a metaphor for disquieting thoughts of mortality, a theme often found in Zen Buddhism.

I like Ravens and osprey especially because they are not pretty birds, they are obtrusive, disruptive, disturbing birds, meant to be listened to.

Over the years, I have traveled thru many media. The underlying aesthetic current has always been gestural movement.

Raven after the Fire

oil and chalk pastel

Raven over the Snowy Vast

oil and chalk Pastel

A Scholar in the Wilderness

Agitated by a stray thought

Restrained by a Bird.

oil pastel

Preening Raven

oil pastel

Bird without a Wire

oil and chalk pastel

White Raven has a Moment

Oil and chalk pastel

Raven Searches the Badlands for Signs of Life

chalk pastel

Margritte's Bird Hovers over the Bighorns

at Night

Chalk pastel and colored pencil

Margritte's Bird Hovers over the Bighorns by Day

chalk pastel and colored pencil


oil and chalk pastel

Osprey at Dawn

chalk pencil and chalk pastel