22 Interviews with artists of the Bighorns

Beverly Kleiber : Producer, Director, Interviewer

Edmond Allmond : Editor, Director, Music.

"After much lamenting that there wasn’t a videographer around in my grandfather’s day to record the “bigger-than-life” characters of that time, it slowly dawned on me that quite possibly, with a little looking about, I would find the most amazing artists gathered around the Bighorn Mountains here-and-now. And that they would be quite able and willing to tell their own story. That was how it started …

Then I decided that I wanted them at their most candid and unstudied, so the interviews could emerge as an intimate glimpse into their artistic life. So here are my 'unvarnished portraits.' I hope you enjoy them."


-- Beverly Kleiber

When my dear friend

Beverly Kleiber

emailed me with one

of her brilliant ideas

back in the fall of 2017,

it seemed simple enough.

'Ken, can you make a list

of say 10 living artists that

have been important to

The Brinton Museum and

art in the area like my

grandfather (Hans Kleiber)

was? I want to interview

them for posterity and

your archives.' After much

cogitating, I started my list,

then asked Beverly if I could expand it beyond 10 and was gladly granted permission to do so, hence we now have 22 of Beverly’s interviews that we will introduce throughout the upcoming months"


-- Ken Schuster, Director & Chief Curator

    the Brinton Museum, Big Horn, Wyoming