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Video Interviews with 22 artists in the Bighorns

Beverly Kleiber: Producer, Interviewer

Edmond Allmond : Sound and Video editor, Music.

"After much lamenting that there wasn’t a videographer around in my grandfather’s day to record the “bigger-than-life” characters of that time, it slowly dawned on me that quite possibly, with a little looking about, I would find the most amazing artists gathered around the Bighorn Mountains here-and-now. And that they would be quite able and willing to tell their own story. That was how it started …

Then I decided that I wanted them at their most candid and unstudied, so the interviews could emerge as an intimate glimpse into their artistic life. So here are my 'unvarnished portraits.' I hope you enjoy them."


Beverly Kleiber, 2020

When my dear friend

Beverly Kleiber

emailed me with one

of her brilliant ideas

back in the fall of 2017,

it seemed simple enough.

'Ken, can you make a list

of say 10 living artists that

have been important to

The Brinton Museum and

art in the area like my

grandfather (Hans Kleiber)

was? I want to interview

them for posterity and

your archives.' After much

cogitating, I started my list,

then asked Beverly if I could expand it beyond 10 and was gladly granted permission to do so, hence we now have 22 of Beverly’s interviews that we will introduce throughout the upcoming months"


Ken Schuster, Director and Chief Curator

 the Brinton Museum, Big Horn ,WY

There are  22 short videos being released by the Brinton ,

one artist a week..