Exploration Place, Kansas City

Still from an animationn showing           Luke , the leukocyte, Erythrea, the erythrocyte,and thrombo , the thrombocyte in front of the heart.

Collaboration between Beverly Reiser kleiber and Lucia Grossburger morales 

Que Viva Tu Recuerdo 

An Altar dedicated to the memory of Remedios Varo, the French Surrealist painter.

an interactive multimedia CD-ROM

A ride thru an A.I.’s persona

A.I. sends an invitation out to Humans to visit the “web”. If they take up the invite, they adventure into either the “Cerebral Cathedral” or the ” Feral Forest”. Eventually they arrive at one of four possible endings having altered their own “data structure” or the environment

Temple of the Goddesses

A virtual sacred space

 As the visitor moves thru the shrine complex they are engaged in various episodes (depending on the visitor’s response) by goddesses Venus, Nemesis, the Psychedelic Cyber Pagan, etc. There are four possible endings with numerous episodes along the way.

A Surealistic Fable

BurningMan 2004

a Commissioned video/computer installation

for Burning Man Festival asking the question :


answers are collected , mixed with others and fed back.

a Collaboration with Mark McGothigan and Milton Fabert